QRL is the first simple queueing system for consuming a dynamic set of web content. Put simply, QRL allows users to quickly queue Youtube videos and Soundcloud songs in 2 clicks from anywhere on the web.

Due to my vested interest in technology and design, the Pebble sdk was incredibly interesting to me. My two watchfaces, splitSquare and inSquare, were written in Pebble C and are on the Pebble app store with hundreds of users.

BuzzOff is a Chrome extension that allows for the quick and effortless blocking of clickbait content, such as BuzzFeed or Upworthy, from your Facebook news feed. This project was created in under 24 hours at HackRPI Fall 2014, and has over 300 users.

Music has always needed a bit of democracy, and MeNext is an open-source attempt to provide it with technology. MeNext is a music queueing service that allows a group of people to add content to a playlist, and vote on what should play next.

DollarTechCheck is my old, defunct tech review site which was focused on value and budget technology. At it's peak, DTC received 800+ page views per day, and it's official Twitter account had over 1000 followers.

OS X's dock, although very functional, can get overwhelmingly cluttered quite quickly. Docktor is a hacky open-source solution to this problem, providing a command line tool to save dock profiles and switch them at ease.

Carrot Flowers was a community based on Minecraft and a Minecraft server, hosted by myself. At it's peak, this server had hundreds of users daily, over 15,000 throughout its year of existence, and 25,000 page views on its website and forum.